Sawarii Technologies

Desktop Application Development Services

We create custom desktop applications, craft hardware or operating system-specific desktop apps, as well as standalone or backend-enabled software.

What We Build

System-Level Desktop Apps

Drivers, system services, and other software that interfaces with Operating Systems to connect them with various devices: sensors that catch vibration, sound and light movement; networking peripherals, displays and more.

3D Modeling / CAD Systems

Desktop tools for computer-aided modeling and drafting that optimize the processes of construction, help visualize design concepts and simulate how a design will perform in the real world.

Libraries and SDKs

Build a new product or augment an existing one with a more compelling toolset. Through library development and SDK creation, 3rd party software can be adapted to any engineering needs.

Native and Cross-Platform Desktop Apps

Native apps for Windows, Mac and Linux. Multi-Platform desktop applications built on Qt, .NET (WPF, UWP, Xamarin), and Electron.js technologies with a single codebase seamlessly running on various operating systems.

Multimedia Apps

Apps and systems that record, store, analyse, process, and stream image, audio and video content.


Software components with unique functionality that extend the capabilities of an existing product or a 3rd party platform, according to your specific business requirements.

What You Get

Smooth User Experience

Through our experience in native and cross-platform programming, we build responsive desktop apps that seamlessly perform on any operating system and in any environment.

Secure App Storage

Our approach is holistic, allowing us to smartly use app and the system resources when processing and managing data, resulting in faster backup, intelligent storage tiering and data safety.

Maximized Software Performance

We maximize the potential of every desktop solution by letting it directly utilize hardware resources. By building apps this way, we can greatly improve performance through hardware acceleration or interaction between the CPU, motherboard, GPU or any other system component.
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