Sawarii Technologies

Mobile Application Development Services

A full range of сustom mobile app development and mobile app design services—all under one roof. We create scalable apps that grow with your needs. We also provide support on all key stages of app development: from making a proof-of-concept app and MVP to full scale application development with app stores delivery.

What We Build

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Advanced mobile clients and distributed mobility solutions integrated with corporate ecosystems (databases, workflows, apps) and external platforms.

Social Network Apps

Any type of social networking app—from solutions for your company’s corporate needs to large-scale community-based platforms.

Mobile Messengers

Custom corporate messengers tailored to the needs of a specific business. Mass market messengers. AI powered chatbots.

Payment Integrations

Solutions for integrating popular and custom-built payment methods within mobile apps.

VoIP Apps

IP telephony apps, video chat and web conferencing solutions. Multi-functional unified portals and messengers for corporate infrastructure.

Cross-platform Apps

Xamarin applications for Android, iOS, and Windows. Gaming apps built with Unity. Custom open-source solutions: live chat frameworks, toolkits, native binding libraries. End-to-end QA services.

AR Apps

Apps for object and pattern recognition. Face detection solutions. Gender, age and emotions recognition
software. 360-degree video streaming apps

Smart Devices & Wearable Solutions

Custom mobile app development solutions connected with wearable devices for sports, healthcare, smart cars and smart homes.

Geo-Service Apps

Location and user preferences based apps for logistics, food delivery, healthcare.

Digital Image Processing and Camera Software

Advanced apps that boost device capabilities including graphics processors, cameras and related hardware. Face recognition apps.

Multimedia Distribution Solutions

Media players, controllers, and renderers for digital media servers. DLNA certified solutions and mobile SDKs for further development of commercial multimedia apps.

What You Get

Innovative Mobile Solution

We craft functional and compelling mobile solutions by combining cutting-edge app development technologies with the latest design trends.

Top-Level User Experience

Our app designers and UX/UI architects verify that all features will be consistent in form and function across any screen or device. We utilize hardware capabilities to maximize stability and performance

100% App Security

We build solutions that guarantee the ultimate security of your business operations via high-level data encryption, safe APIs and biometric authentication.
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